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Practicing conservation framing

This method of mounting and framing keeps your print preserved in mint condition.  All materials that come in contact with the print should be "acid free" so it does not get damaged.


Glass is very important!  Glass types range from:


premium clear glass --25% UV protection

conservation cear --99% UV protection

(non-glare available)

museum Glass available

acrylic -- we offer a full line of Framing Acrylic, with the same UV protection available in our premium glass choices.



UV -Ultraviolet light will damage your prints and      


     Our glass and acrylic products will protect from UV  

     damage. However, we recommend that all framed      

     items are hung where direct sunlight does not get

     exposed to them.                    

Tips to preserve custom framing

You should keep your artwork away from excessive heat after it is framed. High humidity or direct sunlight can break down a picture earlier than you have planned.  We want your artwork to be a treasure for years to come and encourage proper care.


A few notes regarding framing your photography...




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